Elephant Adventure

If you are a first time or regular visitor to Thailand, then don’t miss Elephant Sanctuary, which is the home of Elephants. Phutek Elephant Jungle attracts all its visitors from worldwide to embark on a remarkable journey that is beyond ordinary tourism. Apart from having fun with elephants, you will learn how to prepare food to feed them, bath and walk along with them in the Jungle. No matter whether you love animals or eco-tourists, if you are looking for an unforgettable experience, then this elephant Phuket adventure tour is just designed for you. Make sure you are bringing the following things: bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, hat, insect repellent, walking shoes, clothes and camera to capture candid moments with these giant creatures.

Phuket Elephant Tour Highlights:

As soon as you choose one of their Elephant tour packages, you are allowed to come near Elephants. Immerse yourself along with them in mud bathing, which is a lot of fun and rejuvenating for elephants. Embark on a new journey that is both a playful and a healing experience when besides these elephants.

Through this adventure tour, the visitors also learn how to feed these elephants their favorite snacks as they get closer and personal with these majestic creatures. 

Get ready to learn the unique bathing rituals of elephants in the river that is so fresh. This elephant tour will help you to keep an eye on them and learn how they splash around the cool water of a river to enjoy bathing. 

Grab the chance to walk with elephants and observe their natural behavior. Take the pride of a serene walk alongside these gentle giants amidst the beautiful landscapes. This walk is a perfect event to strengthen your bond with them.

The Phuket Elephant Tour will help you become skilled at how to prepare nutritious meals for these elephants. Take active participation to learn more about their dietary needs and contribute to their well-being.

After your half-day interaction with elephants, it’s time to enjoy a delicious Thai buffet featuring a diversity of authentic dishes. Trust me, it’s the perfect way to put an end to your adventure on a high note.

Phuket Qbic Travel Elephant tour operator offers every visitor a unique blend of adventure, learning, and relaxation experience. It is an ideal tour for animal activists and eco-tourists. Throughout this tour you will make outstanding memories, but it will also help you to contribute to the well-being of these wonderful animals.